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ego n Danny at The New PArish


Ego and Danny Ali are Co-headlining for the release of their Rose Petels Music Video

ego n friends is a movement formed by ego. Fueled by collaboration, ego n friends crafts tracks around his peers like Brockwell, Spacedoutmars & Charlie-Curtis Beard. After a successful debut headliner, ego sold 130 tickets this May, and now aims to sell out his Homecoming show in the Bay Area. Along with Bay Area's Danny Ali (who averages 80-100 ticket sales per show) and 2-3 openers, it is well in our capacity to sell out. With 10k monthly listeners on average, this year has given ego the chance to perform on bigger stages and test his pull. Between his ability to sell tickets, his quickly growing fan base, and with the combined efforts with Danny Ali, The New Parish could not be a more perfect fit

"ego is a generational artist perfectly handcrafted for today's Sound" - Gr Nelo



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