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ego n friends

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who are 'ego n friends'

ego n friends is an avant-guard pop music movement run by ego and fueled by collaboration. ego is an Desi-American artist who's lived nomadically his whole life, but most recently from the Bay Area. He currently lives in Denver where he produces, mixes and masters his music, thoughtfully shaping songs around what he wants to hear from his collaborators. Some of his favorite friends to make music with are SPACEDOUTMARS, Kidd Doxx, Alex Belmont, & BROCKWELL 

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Through taking influence from Frank Ocean, Bon Iver & Kanye West, ego has created unique ambient and sonic textures. He manages to bridge the gap between experimental pop and alternative hiphop sound design thus creating the term 'cinematic pop'. Producing and mixing his music, gives ego's sound it's own sonic character.


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